Thailand Painting Holidays

paint on the banks of the Mekong River

A wonderful combination of painting tuition and Thai culture in a small guest house on the banks of the Mekong River at Phon Phisai in NE Thailand.  During the dry cool months of October to January each year the guesthouse provides a combination of painting tuition and Thai rural culture experience to 4 guests each week.

The visits are individually tailored to provide the level of tuition and Thai experience that each visitor seeks.  This website contains details of the tuition, experiences and facilities together with prices and booking facilities. 


Thailand Painting Holidays provides trips to many unusual and beautiful destinations in the NE of Thailand. There are no tour buses with a guide. Locations are difficult to access, with few tourists, so your hosts Jeremy and Waree will personally show you around during your holiday.

Wat A-Hong Silawas  See location on Google map   

Wat Ahong Silawas in tambon Khaisi of Muang Bung Kan, and adjacent to Ahong Creek, is believed to be the deepest part of the Mekong River — about 196 metres — measured using rope attached to a stone. According to legend, the river’s deepest point is opposite this temple where there is an underwater cave leading to Laos, and which is inhabited by giant Mekong catfish. This is where the nagas gather at the end of lent period to worship the Lord Buddha, symbolised by the firing of rockets. The temple is home to a bronze Buddha statue named Phra Buddha Khuwanan Sassada that resembles that of Phra Buddha Shinnarat in Phitsanulok province. Its main chapel (ubosot) also enshrines two gold Buddha images highly respected for bringing popularity and fortune to worshippers. This temple compound is full of trees and surrounded by big bizarre-shaped sandstones. There is a statue of a Mekong River angel believed to bring love and good fortune if worshippers make an offer of two incenses, flowers, garlands, lipsticks, perfume and women’s accessories. (from Bangkok Post) 

Otherwise known as Wat Ahong Siliwad can be found on the highway road between Nong Khai and Buen Kan. It is one of the closest spots to Laos along the Mekon Rived but it is most famous for being the starting point of the Naga Fireball Festival as well as unique phenomenon that happens during wet season. It is one of the only spots on the Mekong River where the current reverses on itself and flows upstream against the current. A very interesting site to see. Well worth the visit. There is a new restaurant and gift shop with clean facilities now so it makes a nice break in your journey. 

The temple and the grounds they are on have these neat rock formations and are kept in immaculate condition.  (from Trip Advisor)