Thailand Painting Holidays

paint on the banks of the Mekong River

A wonderful combination of painting tuition and Thai culture in a small guest house on the banks of the Mekong River at Phon Phisai in NE Thailand.  During the dry cool months of October to January each year the guesthouse provides a combination of painting tuition and Thai rural culture experience to 4 guests each week.

The visits are individually tailored to provide the level of tuition and Thai experience that each visitor seeks.  This website contains details of the tuition, experiences and facilities together with prices and booking facilities. 


Experience Thailand

Most visitors to Thailand go to the big tourist centres for their holiday -

  • The island of Phuket and the south for bars and beaches
  • Bangkok for the canals, chaos and bustle of one of the world's greatest cities
  • Chiang Mai for the mountains of the north
  • Pattaya for bars and bars

Few travel to the real Thailand in the northeast around the Mekong River.  Here people have lived their lives in rural communities for thousands of years.  The culture is deep and untouched by tourism.  The people are ethnically Lao and speak a dialect which is a mixture of Thai and Lao.  Their lives are extraordinarily rich with both Buddhist and pre-buddhist traditions richly woven into their daily activities.

The villages have an extraordinary mixture of ancient and modern.  We know the local people and we will share some of the experiences of Thai village life with you.

Rural Thailand is such a fascinating place to visit as there are so many strange and interesting things taking place daily as part of the Thai/Lao culture.  As these are not performed for tourists we cannot guarantee which of these you will be able to watch or take part in.  The only thing we can be sure of is that accompanied by Waree and Jeremy, the Thai people will be warm and friendly and welcome you into their lives.  This is something impossible to experience as a normal tourist as only Thai/Lao is spoken in the villagesand there are no tourist facilities.

This is a list of possible activities for you to choose from, some you can definitely experience, but many will depend on availability.  We will work out a rough schedule for your holiday with you when you arrive but retain some flexibility so that we can take advantage of events as they happen. 

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