Thailand Painting Holidays

paint on the banks of the Mekong River

A wonderful combination of painting tuition and Thai culture in a small guest house on the banks of the Mekong River at Phon Phisai in NE Thailand.  During the dry cool months of October to January each year the guesthouse provides a combination of painting tuition and Thai rural culture experience to 4 guests each week.

The visits are individually tailored to provide the level of tuition and Thai experience that each visitor seeks.  This website contains details of the tuition, experiences and facilities together with prices and booking facilities. 


Thailand Painting Holidays provides trips to many unusual and beautiful destinations in the NE of Thailand. There are no tour buses with a guide. Locations are difficult to access, with few tourists, so your hosts Jeremy and Waree will personally show you around during your holiday.

Red Lotus Lake Kumphawapi  See location on Google map    

For some reason this is by far our most popular page but there are many more interesting places to visit.  Just look at our Trips page.  If you come to stay with us we will show you around some of the many interesting places around Nong Khai

There is a lake in the north part of Kumphawapi district which is worth a visit.

From December untill March this large lake is filled with lotusses. It is amazing to see this, the whole lake looks like a large lotus field. It is called "Talee Bua Daeng" (actually the lotusses are pink and not red).

We took a boat tour on the lake with is amazing.

This is a popular attraction and it is advertised in Thai, but I think is is not well known among Farang.
Especially nice to surprise your gf/wife on Valentines day with a boat tour on the lotus lake.

It is advised to go there in the morning, because in the afternoon the flowers will close. The flowers will bloom from December to March.

There are signs at the side of Motorway route 2 between Udon and Kumphawapi and at Pan Don village. Follow the signs (banners at the side of the road) with the text "Talee bua daeng" in Thai.

The access point to the lake is in a village Ban Diam, which is just south of PrajakSinlapakhom town. In Ban Diam village, the access to the lake is at the backside of the temple. 


In Udon Thani’s Kumphawapi district, only 34km from the provincial heart, there is a large freshwater swamp spanning over 28,000 rai called Nong Han. Full of red lotus flowers in winter (late Oct-Feb), it has become a major tourist spot since 2005. It all started in Oct 2004 after a school director, Rakkiat Silawong, enchanted by its beauty, decided to introduce it to a wider audience. Small fairs were held from 2005-2008 which by 2010 turned big. Last year, a landscape improvement project was launched with support from the provincial administration organisation, while the operation of tour boats was brought to order. There are 40 tour boats capable of operating 600 trips per day from dawn till 11am. A 45-minute ride costs 300 baht and a 90-minute ride 500 baht. The area has 29 facilities providing homestay service. Each can accommodate 5-10 persons. The price is 200 baht per night per head and inclusive of breakfast. Call the TAT’s Udon Thani office on 042-325-406/7. For boat tours and homestay, call 089-395-0871 and 042-143-070 respectively. (from Bangkok Post)