Thailand Painting Holidays

paint on the banks of the Mekong River

A wonderful combination of painting tuition and Thai culture in a small guest house on the banks of the Mekong River at Phon Phisai in NE Thailand.  During the dry cool months of October to January each year the guesthouse provides a combination of painting tuition and Thai rural culture experience to 4 guests each week.

The visits are individually tailored to provide the level of tuition and Thai experience that each visitor seeks.  This website contains details of the tuition, experiences and facilities together with prices and booking facilities. 


On arrival

Mekong House - home of Thailand Painting Holidays

Mekong House - home of Thailand Painting Holidays

We will greet you after your journey with a drinks and snacks or food if you are hungry.  You can then take at couple of hours to shower, rest and explore your surroundings. 

Then we will get everybody (only 4 guests) together on the terrace to make a plan for the week.  This will combine art classes with photography and excursions to locations where you can experience local lifestyle and culture. 

Some of the possible activities you can experience during your holiday are listed further down this website.  The local people only speak Lao/Thai and it impossible for foreigners to visit the villages without a guide.  The activities are not scheduled and put on for tourists, as there are few tourists in this area. So we have to take advantage of whatever is available at the time. 

When we work out the plan we will let you know what is available during your holiday and you can tell us what you would like to do.  We will do whatever we can to meet your requirements bearing in mind the needs of the other guests.  If you want to spend more time doing art, or photography, in the village, visiting temples or parks, shopping or having free time, its up to you.  We will be available for most of the week and in some instances we can use members of the family as guides. 

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